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About Us

My Story

Hi, I’m David Abraham, owner of Tactical Inspections MI. Welcome to my page! First and foremost, I am a father to my awesome 8 year old son, Matthew and my 1.5 year old princess Kayden. They are the reason I get out of bed and work my butt off every day.

After nearly 20 years of working in Information Technology, I decided to start my own property inspection business. The first reason I made this decision is that working in IT was something I did to pay the bills, it wasn’t a passion. I was working 50+ hour weeks in an office, only to go home and do more work, when I was supposed to be spending time with my family.

Why I Chose Property Inspections
I’ve been passionate about real estate and construction my whole life. In my “free time” I always have at least a couple DIY projects going. I’ve done a lot of electrical, plumbing and carpentry work over the years. With property inspections, I get to interact with every part of a property and they’re always unique, unpredictable and never boring. Owning my own business, I now get to prioritize my kids, without being penalized for it!

What Makes Us Different
I recently sold my house and almost lost the sale due to a home inspector. The inspector caused the buyers to panic, because he didn’t take the time to explain things to them and wrote up a missing $1 plastic junction box cover, on a ceiling, as an immediate electric shock hazard. Without stating any clear defect, he went on to assume that the electric work on the house was never inspected by the city (it was inspected and approved, which was easily verifiable).

If you’re a realtor, I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences and probably lost commissions because an inspector wanted to get in and out fast and didn’t mind scaring the buyer unnecessarily. My mission statement is to inspect each house as if I were the buyer, who wanted the house enough to make an offer and pay for an inspection. My goal is to explain my findings in a non-alarmist, factual way, so my clients can make informed, logical decisions.

My Training

Here you can see an ongoing transcript of training I complete through InterNACHI.

Transcript provided by InterNACHI, the home inspector organization

Peace of Mind, Guaranteed.

If we make a mistake and miss something on your inspection, InterNACHI (the organization we’re certified by) will buy your house back within 90 days of closing!